Rajaram Marbles Pvt.Ltd. was established under the leadership of Shri Jamunalal Dad (Managing Director of the group) in 1989 in chittorgarh.The city famous all over the world for it’s historical fort. It is equipped with 3 Gangasaw machines & 8 Polishers having stock capacity of 3,00,000 Sq. Ft. in Marble slab & 15000 tonns in Marble Blocks.

Since it’s beginning the company known for quality, quantity and customer satisfaction.Presently the company is well known for good quality MARBLES , GRANITES & TILES in all over the world.  Company has wide range of GREEN MARBLES , ONYX, TORONTO BROWN, RAYMOND BROWN , RAYMOND BLUE, RAIN FOREST, TEAK, RAINBOW etc. .
The wide range of product in our stock helps the customer to have choice in selection and people with different choice may find products suited best for their purpose.

Rajaram Marbles is a Leading Marble and Granite Processer/Producer and Traders in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan (India), we are actively engaged in the mining, cutting and trading of marble, granite and decorative stones since 1989. Its product range consists of decorative stones, including marble, granite, glass stone lime stone etc. Some of its projects are applications of marble, granite and decorative stone in bathrooms, such as shower trays, bath tubs and sinks, and kitchens, such as kitchens sinks. The Company’s production facilities comprise three quarries and two factories.

Rajaram Marblex India Pvt.Ltd is its assistant firm, dealing with Green Marble Quarry. It is biggest quarry in India. It was established under the leadership of Shri Jamunalal Dad (Managing Director of the group) in udaipur. The city famous all over the world for Indian Marble Export. It has production upto 4000 tonns/month of plain Green blocks.

We sells our production in India & exporting to most of growing Countries.

Our Key objective is to provide fastest and Best Quality Marble and Granites to our customer and 100% Customer satisfaction is our motto.

We are top rated in

  • Variety (400 kinds of decorative rocks)
  • Connected to Stones Quarries all over the world.
  • Design (dedicated department with engineers, architects, decorators)
  • Applications (Manufacturing, processing, projects, Dealers)
  • Partnerships (customer network – local and abroad)

Our Strength is 

  • Vertically integrated infrastructure
  • Profound know-how and traditional application methods
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Quality assurance

Key Goals

  • Spread our know-how
  • Educate our technical staff on the various uses of rocks
  • Keep our prices low

Keep our customers happy

  • Quick Supply to Customers


The organisational structure is a result of the specialised activities we are involved in , classified in different divisions :

  1. Quarrying And Instruction Division: The work of opening up the quarries and getting them started, in India to look for new materials, comes under the umbrella of Raja Ram Marblex India Pvt. Ltd. business unit. It is involved in the exploration and investigation of new deposits of ornamental stone. Currently we are working in Green Quarry and planned to work with Coffee Gold. We invite investors also to visit and invest wih us.
  2. Manufacturing Division: The Rajaram Marbles Pvt Ltd and its assistant business units deals with the processing of the raw material in marbles extracted from our sites and from all over India. It is defined by the application of the latest state – of – the – art diamond cutting technique used and surface treatments, which, thanks to a meticulous syatem of project planning, is able to achieve total quality in the execution of Slabs and Tiles.Automation of this process under carefully controlled quality parameters allow us to obtain a product which is afforded a quality where subjectivity. The challenge of achieving this is made using many processes , which, in the end , allow us to obtain the highest quality in our end product.
  3. Transport Division: The search for efficiency in the supply chain is completed by our own float of transportation, which allow us to close the triangle of customer-production- supply without breaking it, and promotes a vision of the supply chain as a single unit, which harmonious the different components involved in it.
  4. Commercial Division: This Division is responsible for the management and putting into the place of the best possible service to out customers. RAJARAM MARBLES PVT. LTD. as an extensive network of warehouses and commercial teams, internationally as well as nationally, putting us closer than ever to our customers.


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