Director’s Message

Mr. Dad Says…

Welcome to the Rajaram Marbles Website. I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to learn more about us, and for your interest in our company.

When we started way back in 1989, little did we know that we would come this far; yet, what we did know was that whichever business we would do, it shall be done with utmost honesty, transparency, dedication and conviction. With this as the founding philosophy of Rajaram Marbles and everything that what we stand for, today as a company we are committed to growth, professional excellence and community development.

Further, we at Rajaram Marbles are constantly evolving and adapting ourselves to the rapidly changing economic, ecological and socio-political climate in India as well as the world. And even as we learn with each new day and keep pace with global developments, we endeavour to remain true to our core principles of conducting business.