Our Services

Logistic Experts

Thanks to the capability of our technical/operations staff and our time-honoured, consolidated experience, at Rajaram Marble. We have specialized in high-level quality work both in supplying standard products and in creating complementary architectural works of artistic value by our very own sculptors.

Rajaram considers its ongoing commitment towards the world of research to be a key factor and a major reason for its success.

Rajaram added value you can count on, so that you can get to know the performance of man-made stone, and ensuring you will be offered “bespoke” service.

Technical Services

Rajaram has a large network of mine owners, stockiest of specific materials, stone processing plants . If you have a large project and need substantial quantities of stones within your budget then give us your price and we will make it work for you through our network.Rajaram specializes in handling your orders quickly and we can handle your orders direct to your door. All hassle and trouble free.

We strive to help our clients meet the challenges of attaining their dynamic business and organizational objectives through filling existing resource gaps, and building strong relationships throughout their organization.

  • Surveys and technical inspection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Executive project design
  • Works installation